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How to (politely) say no to sugar.

If you’re becoming a member of us on our I Quit Sugar: 8-Week Program, you’ll have to refuse dessert for at least eight weeks. While pushy buddies and household might

Make it appear impossible, there are some techniques you can use.

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Be mindful. 

Before you decide, ask yourself, “why do I feel pressured to devour sugar?”. Will anyone truly care if you don’t? If so, is it really worth it? Stop and

breathe – you’ll be amazed at how tons this can support your resolve.
Explain your choice. Tell them it’s nothing private and you’re making an attempt some thing different for your health. If they really badger you, take a look at out our listing of

comebacks for sugar sceptics.

Change the subject. Come prepared to make dialog and have some juicy talking points up your sleeve. They won’t even be aware you passed on

the tray of brownies.

Offer to carry dessert. Not solely will you be a beneficiant guest, you’ll very own the sugary situation. Bonus points if you can convert your mates to the sugar-

free way with an “I can’t believe it’s no longer sugar” moment.
Throw it beneath the table, to the dog, in the toilet. Just kidding. Don’t do this!
When to say sure to sugar.
Once you’ve shaken your sugar dependancy through the Program, it’s ok to have the ordinary treat.

Check in with yourself. If no one is pressuring you and you clearly desire that slice of Christmas pavlova, indulge. Just take delivery of it and leap up right returned

on that sugar-free wagon! 

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